Why Lease With Us?

Why Lease With Us?

Everything we do here at Peter Campbell Realty has one aim, and that is to be the obvious choice for any owner wishing to lease their property.

Our Management team is devoted to providing you with the best possible leasing and property management experience to landlords and tenants. Our management expertise will ensure the stable long term growth of your investment.

At Peter Campbell Realty, we provide detailed customer service for both our valued landlords and tenants. Our property management team covers all aspects involved in the care of your home, and understand that each step we take is vitally important to the successful overall management of your Asset.

We believe communication is the key ingredient to SUCCESS..

Through our thorough prospective tenant screening and selection process, we keep you involved each step of the way and give you the final say in the tenant chosen for your home. We provide comprehensive Entry and Exit Condition Reports, capturing detailed photos of your property to show the original and exiting condition of the property. This comprehensive report will assist us greatly with minimizing any disputes should they arise.

We conduct quarterly routine inspections with full colour photos and written reports sent to you, and keep you informed of all maintenance required.

We manage our arrears on a daily basis, keeping these to a very low minimum.

We manage all day to day transactions for your property and assist you with our knowledge in making decisions regarding all areas of the management of your home from insurance, water wise compliancy, smoke alarms, to the current market conditions and rents achieved in your area.

When you engage Peter Campbell Realty to manage your investment property, you will immediately realize that you are dealing with a professional Real Estate Company allowing you to relax knowing that with our numerous years of experience and dedication After all, you have the choice to choose who manages your investment property so why not choose Peter Campbell Realty.